Success Stories – Stacy


Hates To Sweat But Loves To Feel Sexy


The first day I met Stacy she said to me, “I have to tell you Amanda, I hate to sweat”. My reply was, well you better get used to it if you want to achieve those goals you just told me about!

In nearly 18 months, slowly and surely, Stacy has lost 8kg and dropped 3 dress sizes. She looks younger, has more energy, is stronger, fitter and dare I say…even likes sweating a little now!

Stacy trains with me 4 days a week doing a combination of boxing, weight training, core strength and cardio. She has also changed her old eating habits, opting for more ‘real’ foods, having smaller portions and less chocolate (her sweet tooth).

She is one the most committed, consistent and adherent clients I have had the pleasure of training. I am very proud of this girl. In 2 years of training me, I could count on my one hand how many times she has missed a session.

Oh by the way, Stacy is 50!