Success Stories – Sue


Loves A Cup Of Sugar With Some Tea In It

Sue is the perfect example of how age is not an excuse for achieving weight loss. At 64 years of age, Sue is still looking fantastic, even better than in her 50’s!

Last year, Sue lost 8kg in 4 weeks. I’m serious!

Sue also lost about 15 teaspoons of sugar each day in that time, which had caused the weight gain in the first place. You see, Sue loves her cups of tea, with 3 teaspoons of sugar in them. Over the course of a day she may have 4-6 cups, so that’s about 12-18 teaspoons of sugar!

The only thing we changed in her nutrition was the sugar in her tea.

So, if you think you are eating well, but can’t lose weight, check the sugar in your tea or coffee!