Mindset Matters – The Perfect Time is NOW

Mindset Matters - The Perfect Time is NOW

A common excuse I hear from people is “I don’t have the time to exercise”. Or, “I am just not in the right head space to focus on my health”.

LIFE waits for no one, and unfortunately, the longer you mistreat your health, the sooner you will find disease, illness and inevitably, a poor quality of life!

Do you find yourself using these similar excuses:

* When I get back to work.

* When I am in a better head space.

* When things are less busy at home.

* When I feel fitter I will go back to the gym/personal training.

* When I lose some weight first.

* When I finish eating all the food in my fridge I will buy healthy food.

* When the kids go back to school.

These excuses are strategies of distraction and justification that actually avoid people from the risky job of actually DOING things. People are scared of failure, pain and embarrassment, which stops them from taking on challenges.

Unfortunately, it also stops them from growing, learning and thriving and reaching their full potential. An “ALL OR NOTHING” mentality, usually gets you, NOTHING. There is no PERFECT TIME. There never will be.

The secret is to START NOW. Just Start. NOW. Do SOMETHING, now. NOW.