Mindset Matters – I’m Not Losing Weight On My Scales!

Mindset Matters - I’m Not Losing Weight On My Scales!

Often when starting a weight loss program, the scales will show an initial loss due to water weight and fluid loss. But many times the scales may not budge even though your pants feel looser. The lesson is to focus on your body, not your weight. If you are working hard to get fit and see a weight gain, you may be adding calorie-burning muscles! When determining your overall health, focus on your body fat ratio to lean muscle mass. Or more importantly, how your clothes are fitting.

A kilogram of muscle weighs the same as a kilogram of fat. But, as you can see from this photo, they are totally different in size.

Think of it this way: If you have 2 X 250ml drinking glasses (exactly the same size) and one is filled with water, the other one empty. Which one weighs more? Obviously, the one with water in it. But they both LOOK the same size.

That is why just weighing yourself on a set of scales is not a very accurate way of determining if you are getting results. In fact, it leads to more people giving up on their goals if they don’t see that number changing.

A more effective way of gauging results is to get your body fat percentages and girth measurements taken monthly. Here, you will see if you are losing body fat, gaining muscle tone and decreasing dress size.

You can also work out that if your body fat levels are increasing as well as your girth measurements, then you are not putting on muscle, you are putting on fat! And you should probably adhere a little stricter to your nutrition and training plans.