Eat Happy – The Real Food Debate

The Real Food Debate

Real food are products still in their most natural form. They have not been processed, altered or modified in any way. And they have no artificial flavours, preservatives or ingredients added to them.

Basically, they still look exactly the same as when they were harvested.

For example, here are the differences between real food and processed foods:

Real Food Processed Food
Fresh Fruit Dried Fruit
Brown Rice Uncooked Packet Rice Pre-Cooked (90 seconds)
Home Cooked Meals Frozen Meals
Fresh Potato Frozen Potato Chips
Fresh Milk Protein Shakes
Raw Nuts Muesli Bars, Protein Bars
Traditional Oats Quick Oats With Honey Flavoured Sachets
Olive Oil Olive Oil Spray
Fresh Avocado Avocado In A Tube
Fresh Fish Tinned Fish

Real food is not the latest FAD way to lose weight. It has only been in the last 25-30 years that there has been an increase in processed foods consumed in our diets.

As a result, obesity levels have increased as well as health related diseases.

For long term weight loss and to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, memory loss and other illnesses, you must focus on eating more real food in your diet.

It is also more affordable!

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