Eat Happy – Snack Options

Snack Options

Option One:

Natural Yoghurt And Fruit

Option Two:

Raw Nuts And Fruit

Option Three:

Nut Spread On Rice Cakes

Option Four:

Hommus Dip With Vegetable Sticks

Option Five:

Small Soy Or Milk Latte

Option Six:

Rice Cakes With Avocado

Option Seven:

Olives And Fruit

Option Eight:

Fresh Fruit Juice

Option Nine:

Felafel Ball With Hommus

Option Ten:

Natural Yoghurt With Flaxseed Or Chia Seeds

Option Eleven:

Fresh Vegetable Juice

Option Twelve:

Almond Butter In Celery Sticks

Option Thirteen:

Vegan Cheese And Vegetable Sticks

Option Fourteen:

Milk And Fruit Smoothie

Option Fifteen:

Vegetable Soup