Eat Happy – Eat For Health

Eat For Health

There is a saying, “Eat To Live, Don’t Live To Eat”. Unfortunately, most people have this the wrong way around.

Food is used a source of entertainment, family ‘bonding’, reward system, social interaction and to make people feel good…or bad.

With the increase of marketing on both social media and TV, food is used to tantalise the senses and entice people to eat more! But mostly, eat more PROCESSED FOOD.

Through my years competing in triathlon and running, working as a PT, and myself suffering various emotional stress and ‘life”, I have used food with one focus in mind: for health.

Everything I put in my mouth on a daily basis determines my energy levels, how I recover from training/racing, how I cope with stress and most of all, how I keep my emotions stable.

If I ate processed food high in sugar, fat, and additives, I would perform terribly, feel tired and find it harder to deal with daily life.

They say, “You Are What You Eat”, and that is very true. If you want to feel great, look awesome and keep going, you must fuel your body with the right stuff!

Try this little exercise for a week: Every time you go to eat something, ask “Is this going to make me feel healthy, or make me feel like crap”.

Eat to live, don’t live to eat.