Eat Happy – Alcohol


Alcohol consumption has increased so dramatically by Australians that I am pretty sure some people think it is one of the major food groups.

I’m not joking!

I often see more alcohol consumed at parties, dinners, and celebrations, than people actually eating real food.

Alcohol consumption has increased to the point where most people think that drinking daily is not a problem because “I only have one or two glasses or a few beers”.

Or they become quite righteous in defending their drinking habits with statements like, “My life is so stressful/hard/depressing” or “I eat really well, do it is my only vice”.

And as a dedicated health professional, this really concerns me.

Alcohol full of calories (7 calories per gram), carbohydrates and sugar. More importantly, it contains ETHANOL (a drug), and the effects of this substance are far greater health issues than losing weight.

Depression, violence, insomnia, malnutrition, mood disorders, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, liver disease, cancer and reduced immunity are only SOME of the health issues from alcohol.

Alcohol affects your blood sugar levels and can interact with the medications you take.

Several medications, including anti-depressants, warn against alcohol consumption on their labels. Check your medicine cabinet and new prescriptions for these warnings.

If you drink alcoholic beverages regularly, they can contribute a lot of calories to your diet, which can hinder weight loss or promote weight gain.

If you are wanting to improve your healthy, energy levels, weight loss and emotions, ideally, aim for at least 4 alcohol nights per week.