Articles – Creating The Habit Of Daily Exercise

Creating The Habit Of Daily Exercise

For me, daily exercise is like brushing my teeth. I train at the same time every day, without thinking about it. The alarm goes off, I get out of bed, get changed and off I go.

Exercise makes me feel good, it allows me to socialise with my friends, it de-stresses my mind and it boosts my energy levels for the rest of day.

Not to mention it keeps me healthy, boosts my immune system and helps me look good!

So, how do YOU find the same love with exercise?

Honestly, you may never find the same love. But you can make it a lot easier on yourself by simply, ‘Creating The Habit’.

Here are 5 easy steps to create the habit:

  1. Think Small: Aim for 3 days a week, 30 minutes each session.
  2. Focus On Intensity: Make sure each session has a purpose: weight training, cardio, yoga/stretching. This is where a Personal Trainer can help you devise an appropriate program.
  3. Meet Someone: Training with a friend keeps you accountable. Find someone who is reliable so that you also have a responsibility to keep.
  4. Do Activities You Enjoy: Pick sessions that you actually like to do and you will want to keep doing them. You don’t have to stick to the normal training sessions for exercise. Netball, basketball, rock climbing, surfing, trampolining, bush walking, swimming in the ocean and deep water running are other types of activities that you can try.
  5. No matter how bad I feel, get up, get dressed and show up. Some days are harder than others to get motivated. But, if you keep consistent, it becomes so much easier.