Hello, I'm Amanda Scott

Personal Trainer from the Gold Coast

Who is ASFIT?

My name is Amanda Scott and I have been a Personal Trainer for almost 20 years.

My passion for the health and fitness industry began when I left University after finishing a Bachelor Of Arts in Public Relations, Media Studies and Communications. I wanted to be a television presenter, but was told by an agent that “I didn’t have the face for media”. I went into a period of depression and suffered with 3 years of eating disorders, body dysmorphia and social withdrawl.

As most of us do, I had a defining moment when I collapsed in my bathroom and couldn’t get up from malnutrition. I remember thinking to myself, “I don’t want to live like this anymore”.

And the next day, I changed. Just.Like.That!

I discovered that my purpose in life was to make sure that other women did not suffer the way I had, and to show them how to love and nuture their bodies with good health and fitness.

I spent 15 years competing in Triathlon and long distance running and excelled as an AGE GROUP competitor, winning many races and becoming ASFIT as ever!

Exercise is my drug of choice, my anti-depressant and my emotional support system.  I absolutely love the way it makes me feel.

These days I enjoy a  balanced style of fitness, without the pressure of competing.

I enjoy exercising every day and eating real food.

I don’t diet, count calories, skip meals, or seek food as an emotional comfort.

I don’t take supplements or follow any fad food trends.

My health philosophy is simple, “You are what you eat and how you feel”.

My health is my number one priority. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to perform in my sports or have the physical energy to do my job effectively.

My health allows me to be in top condition all of the time, with less risk of illness and able to deal with life.

I believe that when you make your health a priority, everyone else around you benefits as you are healthier, fitter, happier and can give more.

My ASFIT4Life program is a reflection of how I live my life everyday. It is a simple, easy to follow, common sense LIFETIME program that works.